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Tricare Doula Coverage

The Loving Cedar, LLC Doula Services now is a proud non-network provider for Tricare in the Charleston Metropolitan Area.

What non-network means for you as a beneficiary:

 You will likely pay out of pocket for services and be reimbursed by Tricare when rendered. You will likely follow the fees and payment schedules outlined in our Birth Doula Services Contract. After the last postpartum visit, I will create an itemized bill you can submit to Tricare for reimbursement.


My specific bill will include the dates and location codes for all prenatal/postpartum visits and continuous labor support during the birth. 


The allowable reimbursement fees :
•Up to six antepartum and postpartum visits at a rate of  $52.50 per visit. Visits are untimed, but only one visit is allowed per day. 
•Continuous labor support at a rate of up to $780.00 regardless of the length of time and outcome.

To get reimbursed for doula services, you must:
•Be at least 20 weeks pregnant upon your first prenatal visit
•Be enrolled in Tricare Prime or Tricare Select
•Plan on giving birth with a Tricare-authorized provider
•Choose in-person labor support.  Prenatal and postpartum visits may be in-person or virtual 
•Use Tricare as your primary insurance
If you do not meet the above requirements, Tricare will NOT reimburse you, and you will be financially responsible for any services provided. 

For more information on the Tricare

Childbirth and Breastfeeding Support Demonstration.

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I have met the following requirements to be a Certified Labor Doula under this demonstration. 
•DONA certified
•Attended a training curriculum of at least 24 hours for doula training
•Attended a breastfeeding course
•Attended a childbirth course
•Provided continuous labor support for at least three births in the last three years, with a minimum of 15 hours over the three births
•Provided antepartum and postpartum support for at least one birth
•Hold a current child, infant, and adult CPR certification
•Have an NPI

How to file a claim:

Fill out: DD FORM 2642

Mail to:

Tricare East Region Claims

PO Box 7981

Madison, WI 53707-7981

For Filing Tips: click here

How to file Tricare claim

I am a proud preferred provider of Tricare and am honored to help you during your pregnancy journey. Tricare Doulas, including myself, have chosen our own conditions for accepting Tricare beneficiaries. Please contact me for more information. 

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