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Decision-Making for Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

Decision-making is an integral part of life’s journey. So, we need to be able to make the best decision possible for the situation. To accomplish that, we must know all the “what ifs”! This article discusses informed decision-making for pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

The importance of a morning routine and how to stick with it

Why is having a morning routine so important? Learn the importance of a morning routine and how to stick with it!

How to start a family book club

Are you struggling to get your child to read? Start a family book club. Learn more here…

Do I need to give my children an allowance?

kids allowance | chores | earning money

We want to teach our children that you don’t get paid for maintaining a household, but we also want to teach them about work and money. Finding a balance of what chores are done for free and what chores are done for money.

The Back-to-School Routine Simplified

Get back in the back-to-school routine

How do you make school mornings less stressful for everyone? Can we get back into a good routine and keep it up year-round? Of course, we can! Learn simple tips on avoiding morning meltdowns and more.