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Sticking with the Essentials: The Minimalistic Approach to the Diaper Bag and More!

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Let's get back to the basics

The last thing you want to do is run out of diapers during an a busy shopping day, or running errands. Today’s post is super simple, but really important. Life is hectic already, simplify it a little with keeping a minimalistic approach to the oh so important diaper bag!  So let’s dissect that diaper bag and see what essentials baby needs. We all know that newborns require lots more items on an outing than we do, but that doesn’t mean they need everything including the kitchen sink. Who really wants to tote a TON of items around anyway?

What is in that oh so important diaper bag?

What is your favorite type of diaper bag?

As a doula, I see lots of fun styles of diaper bags! From designer totes to a tiny knapsack and all in between. Most families I have talked to prefer a backpack. I didn’t ever use it with my kids, but the more I see them, the more I wish I had used one. I’m a backpacker, so why didn’t I use one? I have no idea!  The first bag shown is what I have now as my work bag. I absolutely love it! It also has enough compartments so I don’t carry another bag with me. I stick my wallet and stuff in it as well! The next few are popular favorites for dads to carry as well! Don’t worry Dads, I have a great alternative to the diaper bag for you!  The dad hoodie

Some added little hacks to simplify life!

When you are on the go a lot sometimes it can just be easier to leave things in the car so you don’t forget things. I like to leave a basket or bag in the trunk with some essentials. It saves time and money. The worst is when you run out the door and don’t remember adding diapers to the diaper bag. Having some extras in the car already will help from having to run into the store for more. The last thing you want is to tote baby around the store when not necessary. The key is to keep it simple and easy for you as much as you can. 

Pro Tip: Keep the diaper bag in the front seat and leave your phone in the back. This will help you remember that baby is in the back, AND you aren’t on your phone while driving. 


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I am Leah. Welcome to The Loving Cedar LLC. Here is where you will find parenting tips and tricks to help you simplify life.


What’s in your diaper bag? I love hearing from my readers. Please feel free to contact me anyway with questions, concerns, and/ or comments. 

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