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The focus of this series is to give simple tips and tricks to help ease the hectic life. Simple living creates positive changes in places you can’t even imagine. Those small changes can make a significant impact. Is your baby between the ages of 1 minute to 100,000 minutes, and do you want to create a loving, positive atmosphere for them? Then you are in the right place! 

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Simplifying Life with Decluttering

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” How can I make lemonade if I am so weighed down, overwhelmed, and unable to tackle my daily tasks? Tackling the everyday tasks can be overwhelming, not fun, and just downright draining. Then, an unplanned incident gets thrown into the day! If you are like me, you hate to clean the house; you want to get it done as quickly as possible so you can go out and do what you want. BUT I love having a clean home. It helps me stay motivated, gives me energy, and I’m not so weighed down with the dirt and clutter. How can you have the best of both worlds? A clean home without spending all day on it.

Table of Contents

Staying on top of our daily tasks and finding your joy again.

We need to eliminate some clutter to stay on top of daily chores. Living clutter-free can make or break living simply. How can I truly quickly clean my home (read more on quick cleaning) if my house is so overwhelmingly full of “stuff”? How can I enjoy the needed self-care if I can’t even clear my mind due to my house weighing me down?

Do you ask yourself those questions? I did! I lost my joy and freedom a long time ago, and my family suffered from it. After hitting rock bottom, trying every anxiety medication out there, going to therapy, and trying natural supplements, I could still not crawl out of the pit that I was in. I was at a loss!


Then, my family needed to move out of state due to my husband’s new job. He had to move before the kids and me, so I was the one packing and moving everything. Don’t get me wrong—I was honestly a little upset at first, but looking back now, it was the best thing that ever happened! I found my joy and freedom again! Instead of sitting and watching those “lemons” rot on my porch, I started making lemonade. 


Since I was in a time crunch to get things packed and moved, I threw my hair in a pony, dressed before I ran the kids to school, grabbed a box, and changed my life. I decided to declutter as I packed. I was so encouraged and excited by tossing things out that I took it further and cleaned as I packed. That first day of tackling the kitchen was so freeing to me; I decided to get my act together to tackle more and more.


As I kept decluttering and packing, I learned that my house was getting clean, in order, simplified, and decluttered. I was also starting to feel happy and free. I slept at night, ate during the day, and enjoyed life again. 


I love having energy and not being weighed down with a messy home. My brain was so distracted by the mess, but now I can focus and manage those “lemons” that come flying at me!


There is no pause button on life

 I learned the hard way to plan my day out, but once I got the time management down (learn more on time management), I could better handle those “lemons” coming my way. I kept plugging along with daily tasks and finding time to declutter. Yes, there were some days I could only tackle a small area, but that is ok because I am still keeping on task!

The hard truth

If we don’t start to declutter our lives, make a plan, and stay on top of it, then our world will continue to spiral down into a pit where we don’t want to be. Our daily tasks that are not getting done will continue to pile on top of one another to the point that freedom and joy are too deep. 

Are you ready to break free from clutter and find your joy again? Join me on a life-changing journey of learning to live clutter-free! 

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