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Nurture yourself while nurturing your baby

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Nurture yourself while nurturing your baby: Self-care tips for breastfeeding mothers

Becoming a new mom is an incredible and rewarding experience but can also be overwhelming. Breastfeeding women often find that they don’t take enough time to rest and recuperate. Leah Jacobson from The Loving Cedar, LLC,  and Jenna Sherman from are providing great tips to ensure you stay healthy, nourished, and connected while breastfeeding your little one.

Keep Up a Nutritious Diet

It’s essential to maintain a nutritious diet while breastfeeding; your body needs plenty of energy and nutrients to produce the milk your baby needs. Eating balanced meals with all five food groups will give you the energy and micronutrients you need to stay healthy. Avoid processed foods when you can, as they contain added sugar and sodium, which can be taxing on your system.


Specific foods can benefit breastfeeding mothers by maintaining their energy levels and supporting their milk supply. Lactating mothers can benefit from incorporating whole grains such as oats, quinoa, and brown rice into their diets, as they provide essential carbohydrates for sustained energy.


Nuts, seeds, and legumes are excellent sources of protein, which helps in tissue repair and the production of hormones, antibodies, and enzymes. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, flaxseeds, and walnuts, help with brain development for the baby and are also linked to a reduction in postpartum depression for the mother. Leafy greens like spinach, kale, and Swiss chard are high in calcium and iron, which are vital for both mother and baby. 


Additionally, herbs like fenugreek, fennel, and blessed thistle are believed to help increase milk supply.

Boost Your Confidence with High-Quality Nursing Gowns

High self-esteem is vital during this important transition period; it can affect your overall mood and demeanor and keep you in a more positive mindset. Investing in high-quality nursing gowns or dresses that make you feel attractive can help boost your self-confidence. Look for attractive and functional gowns so you can easily nurse when needed without compromising style.

Take Special Care of Your Breasts

Your breasts will undergo many changes during breastfeeding, so it is important to give them extra care throughout the process. Wear comfortable bras during pregnancy (and afterward) that provide ample support without constricting movement or causing discomfort. Additionally, be sure to regularly check your breasts for any signs of mastitis or lumps that may require medical attention right away.

Take Walks Together

Staying active with your new baby can be a joyful and healthy routine, especially when incorporating daily walks with a stroller. To enhance this experience, consider using a walk score map to identify nearby pedestrian-friendly areas.


These maps rate neighborhoods based on their walkability, helping you find safe and scenic routes perfect for strolling with your little one. Walking in areas designed for pedestrians can make your outings more enjoyable and stress-free, providing you and your baby with fresh air and a change of scenery that stimulates the senses and contributes to overall well-being.

Rest as Much as Possible

New moms often struggle with finding a rhythm for adequate rest. However, taking time out for yourself each day is vital to recharge and stay energized for baby duties. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night, even if it means having someone else pitch in with childcare duties while you catch up on z’s during naptime!

Remember Your Goals

Pursuing career goals does not have to come to a halt with the arrival of a new baby. Career-driven moms can maintain momentum toward their aspirations using digital solutions that accommodate their new lifestyle. For example, furthering your education is more accessible than ever with online schools that offer self-paced programs. This flexibility empowers mothers looking to advance their professional lives without sacrificing family time.


Earning your business degree online can help you prepare for the next steps in your career, whether you’re aiming to launch your enterprise as an entrepreneur or seeking to enhance your skills in your current role. Online education makes it possible to continue learning and growing professionally, all while managing a busy schedule that now includes caring for a little one.


Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is especially important when breastfeeding as it helps maintain proper lactation levels in mothers’ bodies. Keep water bottles close to remind you to drink frequently throughout the day. Hydration is crucial for lactating mothers, so drinking plenty of water, herbal teas, and bone broth can help with milk production.


And you never know — this may encourage other family members (or friends) helping with childcare duties to stay hydrated, too!

Do Your Research

When buying home products for a new baby, exercising discretion is crucial to ensure safety and suitability. To avoid potential headaches, it’s wise to read unbiased online product reviews before making significant purchases, such as for a nursery dresser.


These reviews can provide invaluable insights from other parents and experts about the quality, safety, and usefulness of items ranging from baby furniture to toys. This step helps you make informed decisions and ensures that you choose genuinely beneficial and safe products for your baby, giving you peace of mind in your purchasing choices.

Stay Connected with Loved Ones

Caring for a newborn can be easy to become consumed with baby duty. However, staying connected with family and friends is key to maintaining mental well-being during this transition. Schedule regular video calls or Zoom meetings with loved ones so you don’t lose touch while focusing on parenthood.

Set Aside Time for Your Older Children

Having older children around can often make it difficult for moms who are expecting or nursing babies. Fortunately, you can connect with them in plenty of creative ways without feeling overwhelmed. Try writing out a list of fun activities such as painting together, going outside on nature walks, or playing board games together—then let them choose one activity per day/weekend so everyone stays connected.


Taking care of yourself when nursing a newborn is no easy feat, but these tips should help make motherhood easier. From keeping up a nutritious diet and taking care of your breasts to investing in attractive nursing gowns and staying connected with family and friends, there are a lot of ways you can practice self-care. Perhaps most importantly, always remember to nurture yourself. Want to learn more about self-care? Leah has helpful articles on self-care, time management, and daily planning!


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