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Chores for kids

Kid chores and why we all need them

We all need a chore list; checking things off as you go makes you feel good inside. You accomplished something! Kids need that structure, also. Kid chores help kids have a brighter future.
Chores for kids

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Table of Contents

Facts on chores for kids

Did you know…Kids benefit from chores. Chores help your child grow up to be more successful and happier. Not only do chores benefit your child, but it also benefits you! Remember the saying “Many hands make light work”? So, let everyone pitch in and get the jobs done so we can go out and play! Children need responsibility, so age-appropriate chores help them learn hard work and commitment.

Start early; your toddler really can help out.  Be consistent, and don’t give in to the grumbles of “I don’t want to do this”!


Helping with chores

Chores by age

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all chore chart. Kids develop and grow at different paces. They also learn in various ways. That isn’t a bad thing. Today, we get so wrapped up in the general guidelines of milestone development. Yes, they are there to help give some guidance, but it shouldn’t be something we are so hyper-focused on that we think our child is failing or behind because they didn’t walk before 12 months. As I said, they are GENERAL guidelines. 

That said, don’t get frustrated when your three-year-old doesn’t wipe down cabinets correctly regarding chores. Find what they can do and put those on the chore chart. 

I have put together a general list of chore ideas by age; this will give you some choices to start with and get a feel for where your child is at with helping out.

Keep it simple; I know, you have heard me say this a million times. I would honestly throw in the towel on chore charts, daily plans, and getting my family to help if I didn’t make it simple. 


Age 2-3

  • Putting dirty clothes into the basket
  • Put toys into the basket
  • Dust
  • Wipe down cabinet doors
  • Wipe down baseboards

Age 4-5

  • Everything listed above    
  • Feed pets
  •  Put clothes away
  •  Put toys away
  • Wipe up spills
  • Help with dinner prep
  • Make bed

Age 6-9

  • Everything listed above
  • Sweep/mop
  • Fold laundry
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Help with cooking
  • Vacuum
  • Pull weeds
  • Water plants
  • Set the table
  • Help put away groceries
  • Wipe down counters
  • Clean bathroom

Age 10-12

  • Everything listed above
  • Take out the trash
  • Wash clothes
  • Make lunch
  • Wash dishes
  • Clean windows
  • Clean car

Age 13+

  • Everything listed above
  • Mow lawn
  • Prepare meals
  • Cook meals
  • Babysit
  • Help with home repairs
  • Walk dogs
  • Help with meal planning 

Incorporating self-care at any age

As we all know, kids sometimes get frustrated, just like adults. Sometimes, a meltdown over accidentally spilling milk sounds like World War III is starting because kids are learning different emotions. As parents, we need to start incorporating self-care into their routines—just like we need to add it into our routines! 

For example, things are getting heated because your daughter doesn’t want to practice math. To keep your cool, practice breathing techniques with her; staying positive will also help you. It only takes a moment. Stop the tantrum before it starts. Take a second and calmly talk about practicing some self-care breathing. Just deep, slow breaths. When she feels a little better, grab a glass of water as a refresher and head back to the math. 

If my daughter starts to have a meltdown, I make sure she goes to a quiet place by herself for a few moments to collect her thoughts and calm down. She and I are two peas in a pod. So, if she gets upset, I tend to get upset. So we both pause for a few moments, return after we are both calm, hug it out, and move on. There have been many times when we haven’t practiced that. We both end up yelling and then shutting down. Tears flowed, the dogs ran and hid, and my husband had to play referee and separate us. It isn’t fun for anyone! And that is the last thing we want!  

Adding self-care to everyone’s routine is essential. Self-care can have a positive influence on self-esteem and self-image. It isn’t selfish; it is respecting yourself and caring for yourself so you can appreciate and care for others. Memorizing positive affirmations can be part of self-care for kids. Encouraging them to believe in themselves is vital. 


Why chores are important

We touched a bit above on how chores help children succeed and live happier lives. But it is more than that. It is learning to keep a clean home and learning to respect your things and other people’s things. Chores can help teach children to be respectful with their friends and peers. 

Chores are not a punishment. They are learning tools to help your child grow and be responsible. Yes, they will grumble and complain, especially when they are teens, but when they are all grown up and out on their own, they will thank you one day. 

Mama tip: Your toddler loves to help; let them! Make it fun. Have a cleaning game where they can learn to clean and care for their things.  Once they are teens, they won’t want to help as much!



Chore charts that work

We all need a chore chart. Charts help us remember what we need to do. Things wouldn’t get done if we tried to remember everything we needed to do. I know the hard truth. We set ourselves up for failure if we don’t write things down. Easing our minds and keeping a list will help us focus on the important stuff. 

I have spent tons of money overthinking and trying to find the “perfect” chore chart or daily planner. I need it simple, or I won’t keep up on it. I quit using the ones that didn’t work for me and felt like a failure. I wasn’t getting things done, and worst of all, I allowed my kids to not keep up with their chores. We were all suffering. 

I finally found what I like to use and stuck with it! I also experimented with different charts for my kids. We all found that a simple checklist works best. 

I have created fun chore charts for the family that my family and many other families use! 

Sign up for free today and get a rockstar chore chart. If you like using it, check out my Etsy store to see other fun charts for the family. 

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