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How to become a morning person and like it!

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Can you really become a morning person?

Humans are built with an internal body clock that regulates their energy levels throughout the day. Naturally, it follows the pattern of the sun, but in today’s world, we have obligations that demand us only sometimes to follow that pattern. Most people feel more awake when it’s light and sleepy when it’s dark. The variability of a person preferring morning (early birds) and a person preferring night (night owls) is due to each person’s chronotype. Early birds wake earlier and are more motivated in the morning, whereas night owls wake later and are more motivated in the evenings. 

So can you change your chronotype? The answer is yes! Some fundamental lifestyle changes can make the most stubborn night owl into a cheery early bird. 

Morning Person, how to get into a morning routine

How to enjoy becoming an early bird

Let’s face it, morning isn’t always our best friend, but we can learn to embrace it. As we continue to conquer mornings, we learn to enjoy getting up early. 

Why? Because we become more productive, get better quality sleep, find time for that all-important self-care, and improve our overall health.

So how can you become a morning person?

  • maintain good sleep hygiene.
  • find your morning ritual.
  • start a routine of getting up at the same time and going to bed at the same time and make it become a habit.
  • find a good night routine.
Consistency is key!

7 tips on maintaining good sleep hygiene

1. Start a routine and stick with it!

We are creatures of habit, and we function on routines. Wake up and go to bed at the same time every night.  Now I know EVERY SINGLE NIGHT you can’t go to bed at 9 pm or whatever time works best for you but strive to keep it consistent, even on the weekends.

2. Avoid caffeine after 3 pm.

Stimulants that keep you awake can prevent you from good quality sleep, and sleep is essential to life. So put down that afternoon cup of joe and go for a quick walk around the block if you need a pick me up. 

3. Don't drink too much alcohol before bed.

A glass of wine or beer is excellent to sip on during dinner, but watch out if you decide to pour a second or third glass. Alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle. 

Drinking responsibly for quality sleep means having your last drink a minimum of three hours before bed, drinking plenty of water, and having it during a meal. 

4. Avoid food 2-3 hours before bed.

Heavy foods, especially those carbs, can keep you up at night. Your tummy needs to digest before you hit the hay! 

Are you craving a late-night snack? Grab a handful of trail mix or yogurt if you need it. Something light that your body can handle without causing an upset. 

5. No more electronics before bed!

The sounds and blinking lights of electronics have taken over our world. Yes, we depend on these devices for most things, but they disrupt sleep. Studies have shown that technology-free bedrooms enhance rest and help prevent multiple health issues. Ideally, it is best to leave ALL devices out of the bedroom, but if you have to use your phone for being on-call or for your alarm, try to keep it away from the bed. Grabbing for your phone or other devices can prevent you from being able to go back to sleep if you wake up during the night. 

6. Don't press that snooze button!

As tempting as it may seem, that snooze button is actually counterproductive. Waking up and trying to get a few more minutes of sleep sends mixed signals to your internal body clock. Creating a more tired feeling throughout the day. 

7. Exercise regularly.

Maintaining a regular exercise routine has been proven to help improve sleep. 

Find your morning ritual

Filling your morning with things that make you feel happy and energized can help motivate you to get out of bed. Maybe it is getting up before kids wake up and having your coffee peacefully. Do you like to exercise first thing? Jump out of bed, grab those running shoes, and head to the gym. Find your “happy” and stick with it.

Ideas for morning rituals:

  • mediation/yoga
  • favorite warm beverage
  • go for a walk outside
  • have coffee on the deck outside
  • practice deep breathing
  • journal
  • read

Sticking with the routine

Get into the habit of a good routine:

  • Wake up, get out of bed-don’t press the snooze at the same time every morning
  • stretch a moment
  • Make your bed
  • open the curtains and let the sunshine in
  • reward yourself with your favorite ritual
  • conquer the day
  • start your nightly routine
  • hit the hay at the same time every night

Bonus tip: avoid electronics until after you finish your morning ritual.

Finding a good night routine

As mentioned before, starting your evening out right can help give you that good quality sleep you need. So make sure to avoid stimulants after mid-afternoon, avoid food 2-3 hours before bed, and avoid too much alcohol. What else can you do to help you get to sleep and wake up early?

Ideas for the evening

Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? Remember to get your routine down so your internal clock knows when it is time to go to bed. Need a little extra help? My favorite go-to is Natural Vitality Magnesium Powder.  (Remember to always consult with your care provider about supplements).


Remember to give yourself grace; life throws us lemons constantly, so do the best you can and try to be consistent, but don’t throw in the towel if you have a late night one night. As a mom, I know that flexibility is essential, and if you don’t get out of bed on time one morning, throw your hair in a messy bun and conquer the day anyway! Finish strong with your night routine, and try again tomorrow. 

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