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Creative Ways to Afford a Birth Doula

I want to hire a birth doula but can’t afford one right now. What can I do?

Are you asking that same question? How can I afford a birth doula? Don’t worry; you are not alone! Birth doulas are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. The medical world is recognizing the importance of birth support. So rest assured that there are ways to afford a doula!

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There are many health insurance companies out there now that cover doula costs. How exciting is that! Ask your insurance provider if they cover doula services. 

Flexible Savings Account

Since a doula is considered medical, HSA or FSA accounts can be used to pay for their services. 

Baby Registry Cash Fund

Today, many baby registries have gift cards or cash funds for specific services such as doula support, house cleaning, food services, etc. Babylist online registry has excellent options for helping you get going on a doula fund! Check them out by clicking on the Hello Baby Box. Grab your free box today when you register as well!

Barter your services

Do you provide a service that a doula could use? Maybe you are a hairdresser or masseuse? Talk to your doula about exchanging services!

Set up a payment plan or have a customized price

As a doula, I have no problem setting up payment plans or customizing a package to fit budgets. I know how crucial having birth support is. I would never want funds to be an issue from keeping someone from getting help. Talk to your doula about setting up a plan or using a sliding scale. Most doulas want to make sure their client is taken care of!

Sell things

Have a garage sale, or find items around the house you don’t use anymore and sell them! Start a “doula fund jar”! Add change from your sales, or even change you find in the dryer or couch cushions!

Cut back on nonessentials

Start a savings account and save up over time. Consider not dining out as often, or avoid getting the pair of shoes in the store window. Little things add up; the $20 you spend on pizza instead of eating the leftovers could have gone into savings!

Are you looking into a virtual doula or birth partner support?

Check out different types of services offered here! Birth Packages

Don’t let your budget get in the way of allowing you to have a birth team! Be creative, and never hesitate to ask for help!

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